Self-Empowerment and Economic Development


Dr. Michael Britt - Executive Director

MCCDC Would Like to Welcome Dr. Michael Britt as our new Executive Director.

After 45 years of working at all levels of government; superintending Northern California school districts; teaching university courses; managing corporate and nonprofit organizations such as the Sacramento YWCA and the California State Small School Districts Association;

Marin City Community Development Corporation’s
41st Year Anniversary Gala and Signature Event

Event Date: April, 18, 2021

Man struggling with mental health. A community group eats together.

Empowerment Clubhouse

The Empowerment Clubhouse is a community center open to those with mental health challenges, coming together to develop skills, gain employment and find community resources.

The Marin Empowerment Clubhouse is part of Clubhouse International, which is an organization which creates a safe haven for people with mental health challenges to develop their skills and give workforce training.

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About Us

The Marin City Community Development Corporation (MCCDC) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which aims to promote the economic wellbeing of members of the Marin City community. We advocate for full employment and economic self-sufficiency through building skills and creating income-generating programs.

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