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Go Green Academy

Coming April 2024

Saving our Planet through education, green careers, and eco-friendly worldwide partnerships.

The Go Green Academy focuses on Climate Justice, empowerment, Green Jobs, and making lasting change for our future.

Sea Pollution

The Sustainability Project Goals 


Increase Access to Climate Education, Information, Equipment and Resources-Individuals will learn about Climate Change and Justice and how they can become changemakers. Participants will learn how to save money on their utility bills, environmental stewardship, recycling, solutions to food insecurities, and live healthier and happier lives. Referrals and resources will also enhance financial education, learn self-sufficiency. and support mental health allowing Individual’s seeking employment to concentrate on pursuing their goals without the weight of worry and distractions.  



Employment and Career Opportunities in Climate Change-Grow eco-friendly employment services and partners, support potential placement opportunities in the upcoming American Climate Corps and Partners as announced by the White House, Marin County and SF Bay. Jobs are good-paying and meaningful. Work with organizations to include hiring opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals. 

Expand Public Transportation Training-Will help educate individuals on the benefit of using public transportation, save money, and reduce stress. Results include reduced air pollution. 

Build Community-Clean-up, Hands-on Educational Experiences, and Projects-Expand current community street, beach clean-up, business partnerships, and fellow-organization sites clean-up activities to include community Members and officials. (MCCDC’s Empowerment Clubhouse Garden and upcoming Cypress Garden will provide additional hands-on experience and education, support Small Business Education, community discussions and planning, and support local food markets.

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