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Culinary Program

The Empowerment Clubhouse Culinary Program cooperatively prepares wholesome meals every day. Members and staff work together to shop for food, plan meals, choose recipes and manage the kitchen. This is done within the Hospitality Unit during the Clubhouse's Work Order Day. They learn teambuilding, collaboration, and healthy food menu in a friendly and educative atmosphere. Healthy fresh food menu is created as a group exercise with involvement of diverse members taking lead in various capacities from planning the meal to cooking and serving.

Garden Program

This hands-on program is developed to help teach Empowerment Clubhouse members healthy habits, self-sufficiency, and the satisfaction of hard work. This will be a community supported garden with the help of donations and members who wish to contribute their time in the garden. The leadership team at the Empowerment Clubhouse will facilitate an engaging and innovative garden program to connect members to the community and natural world. 



Transitional Employment & Career Center (Supported and Independent Employment)

We assist our members in their career development plan by services provided under the Transitional Employment & Career Centre program. Members who are interested to find and work in their new jobs are supported at various steps. From initial discussion to focused action plan they are guided through the process. From resume building, job finding via various social media to preparation for the interview -our members meet mentors and staff at regular intervals. We use our well-equipped office space in leading our members to a successful career of their choice.

Health & Wellness Education (i.e., research, exercise, walking)

Empowerment clubhouse believes in strengthening our members with holistic health and feeling of wellbeing. Each Wednesday members engage in building positive connections with self and others by learning mindfulness, meditation, and yoga with our facilitators. Benefitting from beautiful nature and serenity of clubhouse location, each session provides a sense of tranquility and peace.


Recreation & Outreach (Planning of Community Engagement Activities, Member outreach, fundraising, Newsletter, social media)

The Outreach team will be responsible for creating marketing materials, coordinating, and registering for events, participating in community presentations and other outreach strategies. Through our innovative outreach strategies and hands on approach, we will connect directly with the local community at events and community-based organizations to engage, identify and educate the community on the Empowerment Clubhouse program. In addition, through virtual and in-person interactions, we will provide career and employment resources as well as connecting with local partners. Developing these partnerships will be the key to building credibility within the local community. 


Inspire & Create (Evening Energy Exchange (EEE), Art, Music, etc.

The fun and interactive program provides members with interesting topics ranging from travel, art, science to introduction with guest speakers who bring shared experience of strength and inspiration. By use of videos, quizzes, and music, Members feel connected to each other and create meaningful bonds and relations. EEE program is part of the hybrid program which happens during the evening hours.

Volunteer Projects (i.e., Clean Up Beach Day)

We believe in Giving Back to the society which encourages our members to participate in local community events. We work as a team by helping clean up spaces around our parks or supporting the mental health of youth in our local schools. Not all superheroes wear capes. Please feel free to reach us if you are looking for volunteers in your work or have special community projects!

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Enrollment and Business Administration

Staff and Members work together in this program to help with clubhouse enrollment, tours, perform clerical duties, and overall business administration to ensure smooth operations!

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"The Empowerment Clubhouse is a program supported by the County of Marin Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) using Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funding."

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