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Special Program for 
Golden Gate Village Residents Only


Special Workforce and Career Development Program with Stipends!
July 1, 2024 Through April 30, 2025

Let us help with your Career exploration and enhance your skills today through on-hands learning, digital literacy, and more!

We are excited to provide Workforce and Career Development services for our Golden Gate Village Residents.

This special funding will;

  • Serve up to 62 individuals ages 15 years and older.

  • Provide Workforce and Career training

  • Provide temporary job assignments/placements with a stipend of $16.00 for 40 hours of work training up to a four-week period.

Applicants ages 15-25 qualify will qualify for our PowerUP Youth Program and the 40 hour stipend that may include extending the four-week period to an eight-week period based on the young adult needs.

Important Note-The American Red Cross Babysitting Certificate Fee of $45.00 will be covered through this program stipend. Please refer to the PowerUP Program for more exciting details!

Services include up to seven (7) individuals completing the Micro Enterprise training. Contact Marin City CDC for details. 

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