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“Hi everybody...this is my first year at CDC. At CDC I’ve learned important skills that I will need later in life, like filling out payroll information, the importance of banking and budgeting, how to fill out a resume, and more. This program also helped me figure out what path I would like to take later in life, like jobs and education."-SM

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“This is my second year of being a part of the summer youth empowerment program, and I can truthfully say it was worth every second. I became more knowledgeable on topics such as writing checks, how to effectively set goals, writing resumes, fiscal and mental health, studying for tests, taxes, how to properly apply for a job, banking, saving money, and much more."-IS

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Special Appreciation to the
Marin County Probation Department 

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“I have been with the SYEP ...for two years now. My first year, which was last year, I wasn’t as outgoing, and I didn’t voice my opinions very much. Now this year I am confident in everything that I say, and do, and I do what I know is best for me, and not anyone else. I truly believe that a part of all of this came from this program. The SYEP teaches you lifelong skills like banking skills, such as writing checks, what different credit and debit cards mean, and how to budget money. It also teaches what resumes and cover letters are and how to write them, and tips for high school and life after high school, and what to expect in the working field. Another thing that comes from this program is uplifting advice.


The SYEP team lets you know that it’s ok to fail before you succeed, and to always keep going until you accomplish what you are chasing after. They also let you know that if you want to be heard, you have to use your voice, and I’m learning that day by day. This experience through this program has helped me to figure out more of who I am as a person... Success needs to be connected with action, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Successful people keep moving; they make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”-SA

Summer Youth Empowerment Program 

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