Upcoming Events

As part of community development work, our organization enjoys hosting fun events in the area, wether as a means of fundraising or just for the purpose of gathering. Check out what we have in store!

The Marin City Jasmine Market

Friday, May 28th, 12-4pm

St Andrew Church, Marin City

This event was planned by our Micro-Enterprise Program Manager, Caitilin Damacion, in order to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month. A family event with FREE admission, this market will be held on Friday, May 28th, outside of the St Andrew Church in Marin City. Local cuisine, artisanal vendors, and live performances will be featured. 


Dancing With the Marin County Stars

September 18th


This highly acclaimed event was first hosted by our Empowerment Clubhouse in 2019. Curtailed by the pandemic last year, it will be making a comeback this year on September 18th, 2021. An afternoon of food, dancing and competition, this event is not to be missed. 

Dancing With the Marin County Stars is structured after (you guessed it) the hit show Dancing With the Stars. Six local figures prepare a dance with their professional dance partner and are then judged on the day of the event. In order to have a safe experience this year, considering the pandemic, we will be selling a limited number of tickets for people to enjoy the event in-person and will post the footage here on our website so those of you at home can still watch, vote, and help choose the winner!