Work Ordered Day
"Work Works!"

“The work-ordered day and Clubhouse relationships are not two parallel worlds in the Clubhouse. They are one and the same. If there is no genuine, meaningful work-ordered day, in which staff are pushed into the position of needing members, then there can be no real, healing, Standards-based Clubhouse relationships. To be healed, we need to be found by one another. To find one another, we have to need each other. To need each other, there has to be a structure in place that ensures that there are important things to be done, which we cannot do without help. That is the genius of the structure of the Clubhouse.

The work is there, the need is there, and the people are there. It is not magic. When all of these pieces are in place, though, the transformation that takes place in the heart of our lives, is more powerful than the magic of a million magicians.

- Robby Vorspan, 2014, Clubhouse International


"I have been so happy to be a member of the Clubhouse, it has allowed me a place to learn new skills and contribute many skills I have learned in life thus far. I have Organizational and Public speaking skills that are being used and not being stored away where there isn’t anyone being serviced.


I consider the Clubhouse as an extended family. I can visit in person and virtual. I can receive lessons on Art. attend Book Club events. I can attend field Trips, picnics. and Cooking classes and many more facilitated trainings by members during the week. The Clubhouse has been truly a Healthy and Meaningful part of my day, which brings inner peace to me."-EC Member


"Whenever, I experienced anxiety or difficulties with technology while working my job I could rely on staff to support me and help me manage my anxiety."-EC Member


"The Empowerment Clubhouse is a program supported by the County of Marin Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) using Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funding."

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