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Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm ONLY!
Deadline: Applications must be submitted in-person by May 31, 2023 or postmarked by May 27, 2023.
IMPORTANT! Please READ Announcement Below Before Completing Your Application for DETAILS.

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All Applications must be fully completed. MCCDC Staff is a vendor ONLY and will not provide guidance or commentary on application.

It is recommended to bring your own interpreter. 

ADA Wheelchair Access and Parking located at rear of building.

Click Below to print Application

IMPORTANT! Application Must Be Thoroughly Completed and Signed.
MCCDC is not responsible for incomplete and decision making processes.


Please email
or Call (415) 339-2837 and ask for
The Redwoods Project Team.

Click the image below to visit The Redwoods Website

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