What Services are Provided?

Work-Ordered Day – A four hour period, occurring Monday through Friday. Members of the Clubhouse will voluntary work together to successfully run the day-to-day operations of the Empowerment Clubhouse (EC).

Decision-Making and Self-Efficacy Training and Practice – Collective decision making and governance are a crucial part of the EC. All members and staff will coordinate and attend meetings about policy issues, activities, and future planning for the Clubhouse.

Workforce and Self-Sufficiency Development – Members will be able to develop skills that are essential to workforce success in a judgement-free environment alongside other members.

Social and Recreational Activities – Members will be given the opportunity to develop meaningful and lasting friendships through recreation and occasional weekend and holiday gatherings and special events.

Participation in the Culinary, Hospitality, and Business Units – Members will learn culinary and workforce skills in a safe and comforting environment along with proper etiquette and soft skill development.

Wrap Around Services
– Members will learn how to navigate through a network of support services in the community and advocate for themselves.