Please contact Blia Xiong, HR Operations Director at (415) 339-2837 or via email at for more information about the Marin City Affordable Housing Program and Marin City BMR Lottery for individuals who live or work in Marin City.

Prepare to buy or rent an affordable home by strengthening your personal finances, credit score, debt and money management at this workshop by joining our Affordable Housing Program. You will:.

  • Learn How to Purchase a Below Market House in Marin City and Marin County.
  • Learn How to Build or Improve Your Credit Score.
  • Strategies to Avoid and Reduce Debt.
  • Get Help Preparing your Marin County Housing Authority Below Market Rate Application.

Our Affordable Housing and Homebuyer Readiness Program is a financial coaching series designed to help individuals and families overcome financial obstacles, learn how to set practical financial goals, and devise a plan to reach them. The Affordable Housing and Homebuyer Readiness Program is open to the public.

The Affordable Housing and Homebuyer Readiness Program includes:

  • All Three Financial Literacy Workshops.
  • One-on-One Credit Counseling and Credit Reports.
  • A binder with workshop materials, supplemental activities and resources.

Our MCCDC Affordable Housing Program does not provide the HUD-approved Homebuyer Education Certificate required for the Marin Housing Authority Below Market Rate (BMR) Program Application, but will prepare you for this course and guide you through the steps required to find a lender and complete the paperwork to secure a pre-approval home loan.

BMR Applicants who live or work in Marin City will receive a priority in Marin City lottery drawings for BMR units in Marin City.

How do I apply to be on the waiting list for Marin City Below Market Rate homes?

If you have any questions, please call Blia Xiong directly at (415) 339-2837 or email at and she will respond back as soon as possible.​​

  • All this and much more information is available on the Marin Housing Authority BMR                                                                              web page, please click on the link:
  • The BMR Home Ownership Program offers low and moderate-income,                                                                                            first-time homebuyers the opportunity to purchase.
  • If you would like to be added to the Marin County BMR Lottery list for this drawing,                                                                          please call Ms. Kazarian, Home Ownership Programs Services Coordinator at                                                                                  Marin Housing Authority at (415) 491-2550.